Update for Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly

As you may have heard via Facebook, we have had some delays in getting the first issues published. For everyone who purchased a subscription, you have not and will not miss the first issue, so rest easy!

We are very anxious to get the journal published. As this is our premiere issue and first time publishing a magazine journal, we have been learning trial by fire with everything that goes along with creating a magazine of the caliber we have created. After getting all of our contributors on boards, we then had to secure permissions from everyone which we have done. Then we had to find a different printing solution so it could be sold at the price we had settled on (which is comparable to any larger publishing house with publications of similar quality). So we have also done that. Yeah!

Okay, now our issue is getting the formatting right for printing. We are ironing out the kinks with that right now and are confident we will have it ready for printing before the end of the year.

Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly contains full color graphics and photographs. To tide you over and keep up the excitement, here are a few screenshots of some of the articles featured in the premiere issue:

Buying Cemetery Dirt

Buying Cemetery Dirt

In this article, Madrina Angelique shares with the reader the ins and out of  the hoodoo tradition of collecting dirt form graveyards.  Madrina Angelique comes from  the deep south and grew up within the tradition of Southern hoodoo, so you are getting authentic information about proper protocol. In addition, she shares  several of her favorite cemetery dirt recipes for reversing negativity and bringing in money, for example.

In this same section of the journal, you get another perspective about cemetery work from eclectic witch and esteemed author, Dorothy Morrison. Dorothy describes how to petition Oya, the Vodou Spirit of the cemetery. The beautiful artwork is the work of ritual pop artist Karen Miranda Augustine.

Article by Dorothy Morrison, Illustration by Karen Miranda Augustine

The Real Dirt on Visiting the Dead

You may be wondering, where is the folklore and what place does it have in this journal? Well, while we are including many different traditions, we are focusing on southern hoodoo and rootwork and on New Orleans Voodoo and hoodoo in a way that it has never been done before. Folklore is what guides much of the healing, and certainly magickal, traditions of hoodoo, and no where in the world will you find a place with richer folklore than New Orleans, Louisiana. There are fabulous local legends of everything from the infamous Dr. John to the most well known Voodoo Queen ever – Marie Laveaux. We have grunches, loup garou, zombies, and devil babies. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface. We are so very fortunate to have on our list of contributors Alyne Pustanio, a New Orleans native and expert in Louisiana folklore. She is a consummate storyteller, and for our premiere issue, Alyne tells the story of the Devil Baby of New Orleans.

The Devil Baby of New Orleans: Fact or Fiction?

The Devil Baby of New Orleans: Fact or Fiction?

I will be posting a few more screenshots and excerpts until the journal is published, though not everything as we want there to be some surprises!

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we get through this process.

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