A Picture Says a Thousand Words…

With such a wonderful reception to the premier issue, we are now starting to get the questions:

When is volume 2 going to be out?

What are the topics about?

Volume 2 will be out by the end of May. And though I can’t tell you everything that is in it, I will tell you that it will have more content than the first issue…about 30 pages more, and the subject matter? Again, off the hook!

For example, here is a sneak peek of one of Madrina Angelique’s articles. If a picture ever told a thousand words, this one says that much and more:

Women in Power

Marie Hicks Steele, Conjure woman from Washington County Georgia and great grandmother of HCQ artist Inga Kimberly Brown.

A fabulous new artist has joined us, Inga Kimberly brown, and this is a photo of her great grandmother. Inga’s grandma Marie represents so much of what southern hoodoo is all about. She was black and Cherokee Indian, and that cigar…you’ve got to love it!

New Orleans Voodoo has always been a tradition with women in charge. We call them Queens in New Orleans, but it is the same thing as the Mambos of haitian Vodou. The Spiritual and Reverend Mothers dominate the Spiritualist churches. Yet in other related traditions, women are not held to the same status as men. This is an issue we are addressing in Volume 2.

Stay tuned for more glimpses into Volume 2 of Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly.

9 thoughts on “A Picture Says a Thousand Words…

  1. I absolutely loved the premiere issue…please advise me when to order the next….and the next…..and the next…lol…I was thrilled to find in Hoodoo so many spells, beliefs and rituals in English!!!! that I am familiar with in Spanish in the practice of Caribbean Espiritismo. Also, it was a feeling of “coming home” because you can even recognize some Lucumi influence in Hoodoo. Absolutely Wonderful guys!!!!! Please keep this up.

    • Muchas gracias Jose! it makes me very happy that you felt the inclusive nature of the publication. It tells me we are doing our job. And, we will definitely let you know when Volume 2 is out! Here’s a little hint of some of the upcoming content…Pomba Gira:)

  2. Will the premier issue ever become available again? I would like to subscribe and get both issues please let me know

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